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Himalayan Rhubarb Powder

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  • Himalayan Rhubarb has long been used as a natural colourant for soap (and also fabrics and yarn).  It is obtained from the roots of a mountain rhubarb found in the Himalayas.  It will give a shade of red that can vary from pink to dark red, depending on your chosen carrier oil, the length of steeping time, and the ratio of powder to oil.  See the Details tab for suggested usage.

  • Usage: Himalayan Rhubarb Powder will not mix well directly into soap.  You will need to infuse it in carrier oil of your choice, ideally one that you are planning to use in your soap formula.  

    We suggest starting with 10 grams of Himalayan Rhubarb Powder per 500 grams of Oil.  Mix in a glass jar and set aside for up to one month.  The longer it sits, the darker the colour will become.  You can shake or stir the jar everyday to keep the powder mixing with the oil.  When you are ready to use your infused oil, we suggest straining through cheesecloth to separate the infused oil from the undissolved powder.

    Your infused oil will be yellow in colour, however saponification will change the yellow to a shade of red/pink in your soap.

    INCI:  Rheum emodi

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Size: 57 grams