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Wooden Wicks

Wick Size Recommendations for Wooden Wicks
Small - for vessel diameters up to 2.5"
Medium - for vessel diameters up to 3.0"
Large - for vessel diameters up to 3.5"
Extra Large - for vessel diameters up to 4.0"

Important Patent Information:
The Wooden Wick Co. is a licensed manufacturer and distributor of wooden wicks developed by the creator of the original wooden wick, Lumetique, Inc. For more information on Lumetique’s technology, please visit

Each wooden wick purchased on our website comes with a patent-protected license. The “click wrap” license is personal to the purchaser of the wicks and lasts until the completion or termination of the use of the wooden wicks (the specific wicks purchased on the website).

In accordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, we must ensure that any and all licensees are marking their covered products, and providing constructive notice to the public that the product is patented. At least one of the candle components (whether the bottom of the candle, candle, box, hang-tag or other form of packaging) must be consistently and always marked as being covered by the applicable patents and patents pending.

Please mark as follows:  ""

For the list of all patents, please follow this link.