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Shipping FAQ

Our standard method of shipping is Canada Post Expedited. All orders that are eligible for free shipping are shipped Expedited.


Xpresspost and Priority orders ship within 24 business hours.  
Paid Expedited over $125.00 orders ship within 48 business hours.
Free Shipping and paid Expedited under $125.00 orders are shipped in the same order they are received, after the paid shipping orders (Xpresspost, Priority and Expedited over $125) are sent. We keep the banner at the top of the webpage updated with the dates these orders are being shipped from.

If your order is over $125.00 (before tax) the default shipping option will either come up as Pickup at Calgary Warehouse or Free Shipping. There is a drop down menu to select your shipping method.

If you would like to arrange your own shipping, please let us know and we will pack your order right away and give you the weights and dimensions. 

We reserve the right to use a different courier should we feel necessary. We may ship orders that are multiple boxes or exceed weight limits by another courier.

We reserve the right to send a customer an invoice for additional shipping costs if the order is multiple boxes, overweight or the order has items that are not eligible for free shipping.