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Water Soluble Dye - Green 8

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  • Green 8 Water Soluble Dye is a very concentrated powder ideal for colouring bath bombs, solid and liquid bubble bath, shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps etc.  Can also be used to colour MP soaps, however the colour will bleed. Not suitable for CP soap.

    Please note that because the dyes are extremely concentrated, very often the colour of the powdered dye is different from the dye after it has been added to liquid. We have provided a picture of they powdered dye as well as a picture of trace amounts of the dye in water.

  • Usage Rate:  1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon of dye per kilogram of sodium bicarbonate, depending on how deep you would like the colour of water to be.


    Always wear gloves as water soluble dyes are very concentrated and therefore easily stain skin.

    Water soluble dyes should be "bloomed" before adding to dry ingredients.  To do this, add a small amount of dye to just enough water or witch hazel to dissolve the dye powder. You may need to stir to fully dissolve the dye.  Pour the dissolved dye into your baking soda and mix thoroughly until evenly coloured.  

    CI 59040

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Size: 5 grams