Varisoft EQ 65


VARISOFT® EQ 65 Pellets is an ester quat based on high purity stearic acid and is compounded with Cetearyl Alcohol. It is a readily biodegradable conditioning agent with a high flash point. VARISOFT® EQ 65 Pellets improves the conditioning properties of the wet and dry hair. It can also act as an emulsifier providing a sensory profile typical of cationic emulsions:

• Substantive to hair and skin
• Improves detangling and wet combing of hair
• Provides good wet feel of hair • Superior dry combing and dry feel of hair
• Substantive to skin for good water resistance
• Cationic emulsifier for skin care emulsions

ECOcert and COSMOS certified Green

Conditioners including VARISOFT® EQ 65 Pellets have a very rich and creamy appearance.

Recommended usage:  1 - 10% in the water phase heated to approximately 75C.

Varisoft EQ 65 can hydrolyze at pH levels of higher than 5, therefore the pH of the product should be adjusted to pH 4 to 4.5 with a 50% citric acid solution at the end of processing.

INCI:  Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride, Cetearyl Alcohol

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