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Pink Sands Fragrance Oil (Yankee Candle Dupe)


Whisk yourself away to an exotic island while inhaling the fresh aroma of citrus fruits  interlaced with a floral bouquet of aromatic spices, fresh cut flowers and crisp green notes.  Rich, warm and tangy spices harmonize with delightfully fruity and nutty coconut scents. Creamy vanilla interknits with warm musk to enhance this fragrance.

Phthalate free. Does not accelerate trace or discolour.  

Can be used in candles.

INCI:  parfum

Flashpoint: 200°F

Vanilla content: 0.5%

IFRA Maximum Skin Exposure Levels:

 Body Lotion: 32.0% Body Wash: 28.57% Soap: 28.57%
Face Cream: 32.0% Body Powder: 11.43% Baby: 5.14%
Perfume: 33.3% Deodorant: 5.14% Lip: 0.00%
Pet: 0.0%

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