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Penstia™ Powder

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  • Penstia™ Powder is a polymer that imparts a silky, creamy feel to the finished product.   The particles of Penstia™ Powder are porous spheres that allow for high oil loading, which is for active entrapment, stabilization and sebum absorption. The chemical composition of Penstia™ Powder gives it dry binding properties, resulting in improved formula stability and reduced tackiness.

    Penstia™ Powder is commonly used in foundation, powders, and eye shadow to add glide and slip as well as aid in sebum absorption.  Penstia Powder is also great in skin care, hair care and sun care products where it will add slip and leave a creamy, silky feel on the skin.  

  • Penstia™ Powder can be used in either the water or oil phase.

    To use Penstia™ Powder in a lotion or cream, the manufacturer recommends using an immersion (stick) blender to fully incorporate the powder.

    Usage rate:  3 - 5%

    INCI: Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol Crosspolymer

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Size: 10 grams