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NatureWax® C-3 Soy Flakes

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  • NatureWax® C-3 is a pure Soy Wax.  It offers great fat bloom resistance and glass adhesion.  

    This product is also available with bulk pricing.

    1.  The wax should be heated to a temperature of 160 to 200°F.  Do not heat above 200°F.

    2.  Other additives or ingredients maybe added at any time.

    3.  Fragrances and dyes should be added after the wax is completely liquid. Maximum fragrance load is 10%.  Powdered or liquid dyes may be used.

    4.  After wax is completely melted, reduce heat to cool the wax to 120 to 165°F.  Pouring at lower temperatures will reduce cracking and minimize discoloration after the wax has cooled.

    5.  Pour Temperature should be matched to ambient room temperature recommendations in the Product Data Sheet below for best results. 

    Melting point is 124°F to 130°F.

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Size: 454 grams (1 lb)