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Mica - White Diamonds


White Diamonds Mica Powder is a glittering cosmetic that is safe for general, eye, lip and nail polish cosmetics. This mica has a large particle size making this powder sparkle. It looks like diamonds as the light glistens off the mica. We recommend using this with suspension mp soap bases or incorporating at a low temperature.

Perfect for blending in mineral make-up to create a pearlized effect. Ideal for clear or translucent Melt & Pour soaps and white cosmetic bases such as lotion, creams and body butter. The mica will suspend within the solution resulting in a shimmering finish. European Cosmetic & FDA approved, safe to use for eyes, face and nails.

Solubility: Disperses in water or oil
Appearance: Sparkling White Powder
Avg. Particle Size: 10-60 µm

Recommended usage:  1/2 - 1 tsp per pound of soap

INCI: Synthetic Fluorphlogotite, Titanium Dioxide

CI:  77891

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