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  • LUMOROL K 5229 is a water-free surfactant blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants.  Free of diethanolamide, Lumorol K 5229 was developed specifically for  water free formulations such as foaming shower oils or oil foam baths.

    LUMOROL K 5229 provides clear shower and bath oil formulations.  During usage the dilution in water causes a change into a classical white O/W emulsion.  LUMOROL K 5229 is clearly soluble in any kind of oil in nearly every concentration.  Although final products contain a high amount of oil, good foaming properties can be achieved.

    Simple Oil Foam and Oil Shower Bath:
    LUMOROL K 5229           57%
    Oil of choice                    42%
    Fragrance                          1%

    This blend turns into a white foaming emulsion when applied to wet skin.  It recommended to blend using a low/no shear mixer such as a hand mixer with one beater.  Blend for up to minutes until uniform.  

  • INCI:  Laureth-4 (and) MIPA-Laureth Sulfate (and) Propylene Glycol

    Active ingredient:           93%
    Anionic active matter:    43%
    Water Content:               1.5%
    pH value (10%):                 7

    Storage:  Extended storage at temperatures below 25C may cause turbidity resp. sedimentation which can be removed by stirring and heating up to 30C without influence on quality. 

  • Safety Data Sheet 

    Certificate of Analysis by Lot #

Size: 120 ml

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