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Jeesperse ICE-T CPCS Conditioning Cold Process Emulsifier

Jeesperse ICE-T CPCS (also known as ICE Hair Restore) uses the substantive cationic nature of polyquaternium-37 to deliver conditioning and nourishing property of near-nature-identical skin and hair lipids found in rapeseed and canola.  Cetearyl alcohol adds softening and moisturization to skincare and hair care formulations.  Behentrimonium chloride, derived from colza oil, is a plant-based conditioner and detangler that softens and strengthens hair.

Jeesperse ICE-T CPCS improves the body and texture of hair, with excellent detangling and combability while reducing frizz and static.  Hair becomes more manageable.  

In skin care products, Jeesperse ICE-T CPCS provides rich, elegant moisturization with a soft, silky, cushioned after-feel.  

Jeesperse ICE-T CPCS mixes easily into oil or water at low temperatures, quickly forming a stable emulsion.  No need to heat and hold which also means easy clean up with only one container/vessel required!
  • creams and lotions
  • hair styling products
  • hair conditioners
  • sprayable products

Jeesperse ICE-T CPCS is a fantastic conditioning agent for dry and/or damaged hair as it has the ability to restore and rebuild hair damaged by excessive colouring, perming, or over-processing.  Hair becomes nourished, soft and silky with increased luster and shine.  In skin care products, it imparts a silky, powdery end feel on the skin, and will soften and smooth dry and/or cracked skin.

Check out this sample formulation!  Would you like more formulations for this awesome emulsifier? Check out Swift Crafty Monkey's E-zine HERE.

Usage rates:
Hair care  :             2.0 - 10.0%
Lotions & creams:  0.5 - 8.0%

Use with up to 10% oils/emollients.

INCI:   Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Behentrimonium Chloride (and) Polyquaternium-37

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