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Vacuum Formed Molds - Easter

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Our Vacuum Formed molds are made from 1.0 mil clear PETG.  PETG is a fully recyclable plastic, partly made from recycled plastic waste.

Note:  we have not tested these molds yet with cold process soap.

Approximate finished size:

Bunny Bum Bite: 89mm x 98mm x 26mm

Bunny Bum Plant: 101mm x 83mm x 26mm

Bunny Bum: 83mm x 98mm x 26mm

Bunny Carrying Eggs: 101mm x 85mm x 26mm

Duck and Egg: 97mm x 85mm x 30mm

Easter Egg Basket: 97mm x 85mm x 29mm

Easter Monster Truck: 82mm x 98mm x 31mm

Egg in Pickup Truck: 82mm x 100mm x 29mm

Gnome Bunny: 95mm x 84mm x 30mm

Style: Bunny Bum Bite (176)