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Coconut Soy Wax (EC26)


This wax is a proprietary blend of coconut and soy waxes. It is designed to give a creamy bright white appearance, provide excellent fragrance throw, exhibit and "even-ness" of burn and wax consumption, and give good container adhesion for candles.  This wax is odourless, with no coconut scent.

Coconut Soy Wax is a single pour wax with great jar adhesion.  Pre-heating of jars is not required.  Maximum fragrance load is 12% but 8% is sufficient.

For best results, heat the wax to 180-200F.  Stir in your fragrance and pour into your vessel at 160-170F. 

Try not to allow the wax to cool below 160F before pouring as it may pull away from the sides of the vessel.   

Melting point is 125°F to 135°F.

Safety Data Sheet

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