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Caluxe Coconut Tart Wax - C55 - Case quantities

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  • Caluxe Coconut Tart Wax is a specially formulated blend, specifically designed as a cube wax. It has characteristics that enable it to carry high fragrance loads. This formulation exhibits an excellent throw. It is also smooth and creamy and will exhibit color well.  It is a proprietary blend of natural coconut wax and food grade paraffin.

    PLEASE NOTE:  There may be some slight variation in the weight of the case

    • This wax is much harder than container waxes.  To break it into smaller pieces, place the slab in a bag and drop it on the ground.
    • Heat to 190 - 200° F, remove from the heat source, add fragrance oil, stir for 60 seconds and pour at approximately 170° F.
    • For the smoothest tops on clamshells or larger melts, pour 85% of the container, cool, then pour the remaining 15%.
    • The maximum fragrance load is 8-10%, but higher fragrance loads should be tested per fragrance.
    • We recommend allowing a 1 week cure time to maximize the cold and heat throw.



Size: Case (approx 45lbs)

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