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Clear Glass Jar - 9oz CT

Original price $1.65 - Original price $115.92
Original price
$1.65 - $115.92
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This is an economical and practical jar!  

Lids sold separately. Lids size required: 70/400CT

Metric Imperial
Dimensions: 89mm (H) x 64mm (D) 3.5" (H) x 2.5" (D)
Label Panel: 47.015mm (H) x 223mm (W) 1.85" (H) x 8.79" (W)
Cap Label Panel: 60mm (D) 2.38" (D)

NOTE: Ounces indicated are for fluid ounces. This jar does not necessarily hold the titled ounces by weight.

As always, we recommend testing your wick with your jar to ensure a proper melt pool is achieved.

Lid Options:

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