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Wooden Wicks - Troubleshooting

Are your Wooden Wicks giving you trouble? They can be tricky, we know!

Testing is key but don't worry, you'll get there! 

Concern: My wick keeps going out!

  • The wick is not wide enough for the diameter of the candle (causing tunneling)
    • Solution: Increase the width of the wick.
  • The wick is not thick enough. When a wick is not thick enough there will not be sufficient capillary action to sustain a proper burn 
    • Solution: Increase the wick thickness, layer the wicks
  • A wick can clog when too many additives for that size of wick are present. This can cause a natural clogging of the capillary flow needed to sustain a proper burn 
    • Solution: Use a thicker or adhered wick
  • The wick is too far above the surface of the wax when the candle is initially lit 
    • Solution: Make sure the wick is trimmed to about 1/8". Wooden wicks require a shorter trim
    • This is counterintuitive, as we think a longer wick will make a larger flame, but it will not. The longer the wick, the harder it is for the wax to flow up to the top.