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Rosehip Oil - Refined


INCI:   Rosa Moschata (Rose hip) seed oil

Rosehip  Oil has a high content of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Cold pressed from rosehip seeds, this oil is of the highest quality.

This pinkish to deep reddish liquid is high in omega fatty acids, and will have a faint marine note.

Rosehip Oil is used in high-end creams and lotions that promote healthy skin, and it is becoming more popular with massotherapists. Having stronger properties than most vegetable oils, it is typically used as an enhancing oil in dilution (10% recommended). It is highly recommended for use in cosmetics, and hair and skin care. 

Rosehip Oil is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not leave an oily feeling.  It is recommended that Rosehip Oil be stored in the refrigerator or freezer to slow down oxidization.

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