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Coffee Butter


This tan coloured Coffee Butter smells amazing!  Hydrogenated vegetable oil is whipped with Coffee Oil, creating a creamy butter rich in natural antioxidants, lecithin and Vitamin E. It can be used alone as a moisturizer for dry skin, or added to soaps, lotions and creams.

When adding a butter to lotions and creams, you may need to melt the butter slightly so that it is easier to incorporate into your final product.  Use a hand blender to create a vortex in your product and then slowly pour your melted butter into the product and and blend until fully combined.

We recommend storing this butter in a refrigerator, especially during warmer months, to keep the texture consistent.  As with any whipped butter, Coffee Butter will soften when warm.

INCI:  Hydrogentated soy oil (and) Coffee arabica seed oil (and) Tocopherol

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