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Quick & Easy Lotion with Aristoflex AVC

Here is a super quick, super awesome lotion that's so easy to make!   This lotion is not greasy at all.  Use it on hands, body and face for some great moisturizing.

Aristoflex AVC is a cold process emulsifier which means there's no heating and holding required.  It can emulsify up to 5% oils and silicones.


Digital Scale that weighs in grams (ideally to 1/10 of a gram)
Container for mixing
Distilled Water
Disposable piping bag


FORMULA – makes two x 4oz bottles      

Distilled Water                        272 grams      90.5%
DL Panthenol                             6 grams       2.0%
Glycerine                                    3 grams       1.0%
Oil of Choice                            15 grams        5.0%
Liquid Germall Plus                 1.5 grams        0.5%
Aristoflex AVC                            3 grams        1.0%



Disinfect your mixing container and whisk.

 Weigh each ingredient into your mixing container.  Place your container on the scale and then turn the scale on.  The digital display should read 0.0.  Pour your distilled water into the container until you reach the correct weight.  Press the “T” or tare button to reset the scale to 0 (your container should still be on the scale).  Add your next ingredient until you reach the correct weight for that ingredient.  Press the “T” or tare button to reset the scale to 0.  Continue until all of the ingredients have been weighed in to the container.

Mix all of you ingredients with the whisk.  The mixture will start to thicken.  Once it’s thoroughly mixed, you can use the piping bag to pipe the lotion into your bottle.

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