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Sodium Stearate

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Our Sodium Stearate is a vegetable-based Sodium Stearate, consisting primarily of the sodium salts of saturated C16 and C18 fatty acids, but also including a defined proportion of C20 and C22 fatty acids to increase the melt point and decrease the payout of hydroglycolic sticks made with it.

Sodium Stearate is often used as a gelling agent for deodorant and fragrance sticks, as a component of vegetable-based bar soaps, and as a viscosifier or emulsion stabilizer for creams and lotions.  It is also found in shower gels, body washes, colour cosmetics and a host of other personal care products.

Sodium Stearate is soluble in hot water.

Typical use levels:

Underarm deodorants: 4 – 8%
Bar soaps: 5 – 20%
Emulsion stabilization: 0.5 – 1.5%.

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