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Sodium Lactate Powder

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  • Sodium Lactate has strong antimicrobial and humectant properties, making it an excellent emollient in skin care products.  

    Sodium Lactate is also used in soap making to produce a harder, longer lasting bar and help prevent cracking. It will produce a creamier bar with a fast curing time, and also helps with de-molding.

  • Sodium Lactate Powder is extremely hygroscopic and must be kept tightly sealed. 

    Sodium Lactate 60 is a 60% sodium lactate solution in water.  For 100 grams of Sodium Lactate 60 you will need to mix 60 grams of sodium lactate powder into 40 grams of distilled water.  

    Recommended usage is 1-5%.

    INCI:  Sodium Lactate


    • While called a powder, it is not a finely ground product
    • Product does not dissolve quickly. Allow to sit for a few hours or overnight for best results.
    • Always use distilled water to make your solution
    • Solutions that are not immediately used will need to be preserved
    • Measure carefully. 60% is the maximum amount of Sodium Lactate powder that will dissolve into water. Even slightly more than that will leave you with undissolved product. 
  • Safety Data Sheet - Pending. 



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