Simulgreen 18-2 ECOcert Emulsifier


 Simulgreen 18-2 is a non-ionic liquid crystal oil-in-water emulsifier from vegetable sustainable resources, with extra-light skin feel, for all applications and textures from lotion to creams.  


  • Emulsify all fatty phases from 2% (vegetable oil, shea butter, ester, mineral oil, silicone)
  • Easy spreading, extra-light and soft skin feel
  • No soaping effect in natural emulsions rich in vegetable oils and natural gum
  • Lotion to cream textures
  • Lamellar phase network promotion in the continuous water phase
  • Compatible with organic and inorganic sunscreens
  • Compatible with green preservatives or alternative preservatives
  • Long lasting 8H moisturizing effect (in vivo)
  • Contribute to emulsion efficacy: improvement of skin state and appearance perceived by 91% of the volunteers (in vivo after 14 days of use)

ECOcert and COSMOS certified Green

Preservative free, free from solvent manufacturing process.  Simulgreen 18-2 has no soaping effect in creams and lotions.

Recommended usage:  2-4% in the heated oil phase.   It is also recommended to use up to 3% fatty acids such as cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol or behenyl alcohol to improve the stability.  Alternatively, add up to 0.5% Xanthan Gum.

It is also recommended to add the heated water phase to the heated oil phase, stick blend (immersion blender) for a few minutes and then use a hand blender with beaters.

INCI: Hydroxystearyl Alcohol and Hydroxystearyl Glucoside

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