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Neossance® Hemisqualane


Neossance Hemisqualane is a sustainable, naturally-derived alternative to Cyclomethicone.  It is used in all types of cosmetics including skin care, hair care, sun care, colour cosmetics, makeup removal, lip products, deodorants and more.  It is approved by ECOCERT.

In hair care, Neossance Hemisqualane provides heat protection, reduces frizziness, improves elasticity, prevents breakage, strengthens the hair and allows for easier combing.

Neossance Hemisqualane is a non-polar C15 hydrocarbon sustainably sourced from sugarcane.  It is a non-volatile emollient with a light and dry feel, making it a great alternative to cyclomethicone.  In skincare, it creates elegant and light textures with a non-tacky, non-greasy and silky finish.  In makeup it facilitates a smooth and even application for lipsticks and foundations. It also demonstrates excellent cleansing properties in makeup removal, especially for extra-long wearing and waterproof formulations. With high spreadability and soft after-feel, it is also an ideal ingredient for conditioners and leave on haircare applications. Studies have demonstrated performance equivalence to traditional materials such as dimethicones, proteins and quats.

Neossance Hemisqualane is ECOCert approved and a USDA 100% Biobased, biodegradable product.



INCI:   C13-15 Alkane

Usage Rate:  
1-60% in the oil phase

Flashpoint:  110°C / 230°F

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