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NatureWax® Elite-200 Soy/Palm Container Wax

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  • NatureWax® Elite-200 is a premium soy/palm container blend for one-pour, high fragrance loading, superior fat bloom resistances and full pull away.  Elite-200 is Cargill's best performing container blend to date.

  • 1.  The wax should be heated to a temperature of 155 to 200°F.  Do not heat above 200°F. This can be done on the lowest temperature in the oven.

    2.  Other additives or ingredients maybe added at any time.

    3.  Fragrances and dyes should be added after the wax is completely liquid. Maximum fragrance load is 12%.  Powdered or liquid dyes may be used.

    4.  After wax is completely melted, reduce heat to cool the wax to 140 to 185°F.  

    5.  Pre-heat jars:  Make sure that the container is preheated to at least 145 F (62.8°C) or warmer, before pouring the wax into the container. If pre-heating of the jar cannot be done, the wax should be poured between 180 and 185 F (82.2 to 85.0°C).

    6.  The wax should be poured in the container while the wax is 140 to 185 F (60.0 to 85.0°C). If wax is to be left in melter over night the wax should be stored at a temperature of 140 to 150 F (60.0 to 65.6°C) to extend the life of the wax.

    7.  This wax can be cooled with or without the use of fans to increase the rate of cooling.

    8.  Re-melting the top of the candle – The top of the candle can be remelted after the candle has cooled to level the top and/or remove any marks on the top of the candle. 

    9.  Curing of Candles – The candle should be allowed to cool and cure for at least 12 hours before the candle is burned. This will allow the crystals of the wax to completely form giving a nice finish to the candle.

    Melting point is 125°F to 135°F.

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Size: 2.27 Kg (5 lbs)

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