Manual Bath Bomb Press (no free shipping)


Breaking the Mold is happy to announce the launch of our BTM Hand Press.  The press will allow you to take the burden off of your hands and let the machine do the work.  The press is designed so that you do not have to adjust the height no matter what size of mold you are using.  It is compatible with all of our press molds, as well as many more available on the market.  The adjustment guide is easy to use and ensures your mold stays in place while making your bath bombs.  Made with durable aluminum and HDPE, it is built to last. 

We have three options available:

  • Press Only (no molds or plunger)  $220.00

  • Press with Starter Kit (comes with plunger and 2.25" mold)  $295.00

  • Press Bundle (comes with plunger, 2.25" mold, and 2 other molds of your choice)  $395.00.
    Please use coupon code "bundle" when ordering your two additional molds.

The BTM Hand Press is not eligible for free shipping.

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