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FormBox by Mayku - Starter Kit


Make your own molds in minutes with the Mayku FormBox!  The FormBox attaches easily to any household vacuum which allows you to form your own exclusive molds for soaps,  bath bombs, unique packaging, household items and more.

Use your molds for casting concrete, plaster, chocolate, waxes, silicone and many more materials.  

Choose from a variety of food-safe materials for creating your molds:
Resin Sheets - 1.5mm LDPE *Requires the Mayku Heat Shield
Form Sheets - 0.5mm HIPS
Clear Sheets - 1.0mm PETG 
Cast Sheets - 0.5mm PETG 

Your FormBox starter kit includes:

  • Mayku Formbox
  • 20 Transparent Cast Sheets
  • 20 White Form Sheets
  • Three Starter Projects
  • One kilogram of casting material
  • Mayku two year extended warranty
  • Universal vacuum adaptor

Key Specs:

8" x 8" forming area, 5" draw depth
1000 W ceramic heater
Temp 320-644 F
Material thickness:  1/64" - 1/16"
Large external handles for safe and easy use
Steel bearings for smooth operation

For more information:
All about FormBox YouTube video
Official Mayku Website
Set Up Video

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