DIY Solid Bubble Bath - Ebook


Authored by Sandra Labossiere
Solid Bubble Bath Bars

Make your own professional quality Bubble Bars! Just like the ones (better actually) found in the high end, expensive bath boutiques. 

Why are they better? Well, because you can completely customize them to your own tastes. You can scent them and colour them any way you like. You can use fragrance or essential oils for scent and herbs/spices for colouring if you're sensitive to synthetics. Or you can leave them unscented and uncoloured altogether!! You can also make them in any size or shape that you like. The possibilities and options are endless! 

Sandra is a bubble bath addict and she has spent over 2 years perfecting this formula and she's finally settled on what she considers to be the best bubble bath that she'sever used! We are talking...LONG LASTING Bubbles Up to Your Ears!!! 

Bubble Bars are solid little nuggets of bubble bath that are crumbled up into your bath. When made with the right ingredients they provide absolute PILES of gentle bubbles, even in hard water. They are so easy and so much fun to make and there are endless ways to create them as the formula creates a soft pliable dough, similar to play dough! 

**After colouring and shaping, this formula DRIES VERY HARD, but can still be easily crumbled into your tub. There is no Glycerin in this formula. Bubble Bars made with Glycerin do not dry out.
This formula is created to dry VERY quick and hard, therefore IT DOES NOT WORK WELL FOR THE JELLY ROLL TYPE BUBBLE BARS. It does work very well with cookie cutters and ice cream scoops. 


Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) 
Baking Soda 
Cream of Tartar
Fragrance or Essential Oils of your choice
Colour of choice

This formula is presented in percentages and by weight in grams. An accurate, digital scale is necessary. You will also need an immersion/stick blender.

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Customer Reviews

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