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Dancing Waters Fragrance Oil (BBW Dupe)


Fresh water top as beautiful floral notes of cyclamen and freesia come into full bloom. The scent is ozonic but carries a fresh splash of nature.

Phthalate free.  Does not discolour but may mildy separate.  Safe for candles.

INCI:  parfum

Flashpoint: 183°

Vanilla content: 0.0%

IFRA Maximum Skin Exposure Levels:
Body Lotion: 55.60% Body Wash: 10.40% Soap: 10.40%
Face Cream: 18.50% Body Powder: 4.10% Baby: 18.50%
Perfume: 55.60% Deodorant: 1.40% Lip: 0.00%
Pet: 5.20%


Safety Data Sheet

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