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September 2023 - Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Courtesy of Susan Barclay-Nichols, aka Swift Crafty Monkey

Heated Oil Phase:
Polawax 10%
Cetyl Alcohol 10%
Cocoa Butter, refined or natural 10%
Butter of choice (Shea, Mango, Kokum, Cupuacu) 10%
Soya Bean Oil 30%
Olive Oil 26%
Cool Down Phase:
Vitamin E 1%
Fragrance or Essential Oil 2%**
Germall Plus Liquid 1%


*Note: To turn this into a body scrub, start with 100 grams of sugar per 100 grams of sugar scrub. You can increase it as high as 200 grams for 100 grams of sugar scrub – it depends upon your taste (I like it really scrubby, so I go for 200 grams per 100 grams of sugar scrub.) If you are using another exfoliant, you’ll really have to play with it to see what you like. Consider using salt (although this can sting broken skin), loofah, or seeds.

**Note: We’re using 2% fragrance oil because we’re actually making 200 grams of product by adding the sugar, so the increased fragrance amount will actually make the product smell nice. If you’re using essential oils, check your safe usage levels before adding to the scrub.*


  1. Weigh all ingredients except the cool down phase in a heat proof container and put into a double boiler. Heat and hold for 20 minutes at 70C. 
  2. Remove from the double boiler and put into your fridge or freezer until it reaches 45C. 
  3. Add the fragrance oil, then return it to the fridge or freezer to cool further.
  4. When the mixture starts to harden slightly on the sides of the container and gets a thick film on the top, remove it from the fridge or freezer and start whipping it with a hand mixer with whisk attachments or your Kitchenaid with whisk attachments. Whisk until it looks like vanilla pudding – this might take a little while – then add the sugar and whisk until well incorporated. 
  5. Pour into jars and let sit until hardened, usually over night.