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May 2023 - Gelled Foaming Facial Cleanser

Courtesy of Susan Barclay-Nichols, aka Swift Crafty Monkey

Liquid Phase:
Water 56.5%
Aloe Vera 100x 10%
Glycerine 5%
Bamboo or Carrot Liquid Extract 5%
DL-Panthenol 2%
Sea Kelp Bioferment 2%
Germall Plus Liquid 0.5%
Zen Phase:
Sepimax Zen 3%
Surfactant Phase:
Foaming Apple, Oats, or Silk 10%
Cocoamidapropyl Betaine 10%
  1. Measure the liquid phase into a container, then mix well with a fork or spoon. 
  2. Sprinkle the Sepimax Zen over the liquid, and start mixing with a hand mixer until thickened, which is about 10 minutes. So boring, I know!
  3. When it's thickened, measure in the surfactant phase and mix carefully until uniform, about one minute or so. Try not to get it too bubbly.
  4. Put this in a bottle with a disc cap when thickened.

Exfoliating cleanser modifications:

If you wanted to turn this into an exfoliating product, you could add up to 5% apricot shells to the mix. You could also use pumice (super fine or extra fine) if you wanted to use this as a body or foot product.

Foaming bottle modifications:

If you want to make this as a foamer bottle product, just leave out the Sepimax Zen!

Modifications for different skin types:

If you wanted to make this for very oily skin, Bio-Terge AS40 can be exchanged easily for foaming apple, oats, or silk at the same amount.

If you wanted to make this for acne prone skin, 0.5% of White Willow Bark Extract can be added to the liquid phase. You may need to heat the water slightly to make sure it all dissolves. This will have a slightly brown tint. You could also use 1% Sodium Lactate 60 in the product as this can help with acne.

If you wanted to make this for very dry skin, you could use as much as 10% Glycerine or consider adding a water soluble oil, like Olivem 300, at anywhere from 3% to 10%