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As costs continue to rise for both products and shipping due to increased demand, material shortages and Covid-related issues, coupled with fluctuations in the Canadian dollar, we have come to the realization that we can no longer absorb the costs of free shipping.  We try to absorb as many price increases as we possibly can but there is only so much we can do.  Rather than increasing our prices to offset these costs, we have decided that the last day we will offer free shipping is February 28.


CANDLES: We will be restocking our Golden Brands waxes. We also have some new vessels arriving hopefully by the end of February and we will continue to add new vessels to our offering.

FRAGRANCES: Our fragrance category will continue to expand. Watch for Pink Sands, Volcano Capri Blue and Dark Kiss to arrive next week, followed by Brazilian Crush (Bum Bum Cream), Sea Salt & Orchid, Champagne Toast, Mahogany Teakwood, Mahogany Apple and Orange & Patchouli in early March. We've teamed up with a large fragrance manufacturer which will allow us to bring in some exciting new fragrances! They also offer duplication so we are taking full advantage of that service. More importantly, we will be able to order in larger quantities which means we will be able to offer you lower prices as well as larger sizes (1 gallon sizes coming soon).

SALES & SPECIAL PROMOTIONS: Our marketing team is working on some seasonal promotions and sales. Eliminating free shipping gives us the opportunity to provide sales & incentives to ALL of our customers, not just those in select provinces.


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