Bath Bomb Molds for Presses


We have partnered with Breaking the Mold to bring you high quality, 3D printed molds for your bath bomb press! These molds will fit presses made by Bath Bomb Xpress and also Bath Bomb Super Press.

Please note there is a one week lead time for molds.  Also, molds are not eligible for free shipping.

Approximate weight of finished Bath Bomb without saturn ring:

Heart:  70 grams
Puck: Finished shampoo bar with a saturn ring will weigh approx. 85 grams.  A bomb without a saturn ring weighs approx 60 grams.
Donut: 115 grams
2" Round:  70 grams without a saturn ring and 85 grams with a ring.
2.75" Round:  215 grams
2.5" with indent:  150 grams
2.75" with indent:  190 grams
Star:  80 grams
Cloud:  140 grams
Egg:  90 grams
Pumpkin:  155 grams
Please note weights will vary depending on your formulation.


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