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Studio Time - Cold Process Soap

Studio Time - Cold Process Soap

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Do you want to make your own products but don’t have the space at home, or perhaps the budget to invest in large quantities of ingredients?  Or maybe you just don’t want to have to deal with the clean up afterwards?  We have the solution for you!

Our Bath and Body Studio is available for you to use to make your products.  You only pay for the ingredients you use.  We supply all equipment including immersion blenders, bowls, spatulas, safety glasses, gloves and any other equipment you may need.  And, we clean up after you’re done.

Someone will be available to answer questions, however this is not a class. 

Pricing does not include packaging.  The cost is for the ingredients & equipment use only.

Cold Process Soap – $30 for 1Kg, $50 for a 2Kg batch, paid after you've made your soap.

You MUST have made cold process soap in either a class or on your own.  We do not provide instruction.  If you have not made cold process soap previously, you will need to take a class first. 

You may use our 1kg silicone loaf molds or you may bring your own.  If you use our molds, you won’t be able to take your soap home until you’ve unmolded it.  We have a large commercial cutter for cutting your soap into 1” bars. 

We currently have four different formulas for you to choose from:

Formula 1: 
coconut oil, palm oil, pomace olive oil, castor oil
Formula 2:  coconut oil, cocoa butter, pomace olive oil, castor oil
Formula 3:  coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, pomace oil, castor oil
Formula 4:  coconut oil, tallow, pomace olive oil, castor oil

Your choice of our full range of  fragrance oils and micas.  There is an extra charge for essential oils.

Available Additives at no cost:  Goat Milk Powder, Beer Powder, Clays, Apricot Kernel Shells, Pumice

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