We have some new packaging! August 03 2016, 0 Comments

We've got some shrink bands!

For your lip balm tubes, we now have 28x63mm Shrink Wrap Bands with a perforated top.  Not only will this prevent unwanted testing from customers, but it will also protect your label and keep it adhered to the tube.  

For your soap, we have 102mm x 102mm (4"x4") shrink wrap bands. These awesome bands are perforated for easy removal.  The ends are open so the customer can still smell your soap.  

We've also got 4"x6" shrink wrap bags.  These bags are only open on one end so you can pop in your soap or other product, hit it with some heat and completely seal the package.

And on the subject of heating, we've brought in 16oz Heat and Seal Ziploc bags, perfect for bath salts, fairy dust, and other powdered products.  These awesome stand up pouches have a silver back and clear front for easy viewing.