New! Silicone Molds and some other neat stuff August 17 2016, 0 Comments

We have some great new Crafters Choice brand silicone molds now in stock!

The Rectangular Basic Silicone Mold is perfect for folks who want uniformly shaped bars.  This mold will give you 4 x 5oz bars of soap.

We have two new guest sized molds.  The Round Guest Silicone Mold will give you 6 x 1.5oz bars.  This mold is also great for solid lotion!  The Square Guest Silicone Mold will give you 6 x 1.8oz bars.

The Rectangular Column Silicone Mold is a two piece mold that holds 44oz of soap.  Because it is two pieces, your soap is easy to remove from the mold.

We've brought in Propylene Glycol as another humectant choice for your skin products.  Propylene Glycol is also used in some recipes for transparent soap and melt & pour soap.

Who loves purple?  We do,  so we've added a very pretty Lilac Purple Glitter.  Look for more fabulous glitters coming soon!