Aristoflex AVC - an awesome cold process emulsifier! July 03 2017, 1 Comment

Summer is in full swing here in Calgary so we thought it would be a great time to make a lotion without any greasiness.  And, given the heat outside, we decided we weren't really excited about using heat to make our lotion, or spending much time indoors making it.  Enter:   Aristoflex AVC!  

This awesome emulsifier is a Cold Process emulsifier which means no heat and hold!  It can emulsify up to 5% oils and silicones which make for a non-greasy lotion.  It does have a downside as it does not play nicely with hydrolyzed proteins and some electrolytes.  But you can use DL-Panthenol, allantoin, sea kelp bioferment and some other great ingredients with it.

We made a fabulous lotion with it today in about 10 minutes.  You can find that recipe here (we used Fractionated Coconut Oil as our oil).  If you're in Calgary, pop by the retail store and try out our sample.