Foaming Bath Butter & New Exfoliants now in! February 22 2015, 0 Comments

Looking to add some scrubbing action to your products to slough away dry, dead skin?  We have two new exfoliants for you!

Pumice Stone Granules - Superfine:  fine enough for even your face, this ground volcanic rock is a great addition to creams, lotions and scrubs.
Apricot Shells Exfoliant:  all natural, these finely ground apricot seeds are ideal for soaps, lotions, scrubs etc.


Foaming Bath Butter is all the rage right now and we've got it in stock.  This versatile product can be whipped to double its volume and then used to make shaving soaps, parfaits, scrubs, etc.  

This weekend we have been testing some fantastic new colourants.  We've made 18 1lb batches of soap and are thrilled with the colours we have tested.  They've all stayed true to the sample with no colour changes during the saponification process.  Yay!  Keep an eye out for pictures of the samples.  We will be placing an order for many of these colours and hope to have them in stock by mid-March.


Michele and Keith