Tips to stop your citrus essential oils from fading April 05 2014, 0 Comments

I love citrus essential oils.  Orange is probably my favourite, followed by Grapefruit.  Lemon and Lime, individually or combined together are also terrific. The difficulty with these essential oils is that they are "top notes", and top notes tend to fade faster than middle notes or the heavier base notes.  So what does a soapmaker do to help stop these essential oils from fading?  Here are some tips we've collected:

1.  Add clays to your soap.  Adding a clay like Kaolin (China White) will help anchor your scent because clays are absorbent.  Try adding your essential oil to your clay before adding it to your traced soap.  Pastel Pink Clay will give your Grapefruit scented soap a nice pink colour too!

2.  Blend your citrus oil with Litsea Cubeba.  Litsea Cubeba, also known as May Chang, has an aroma similar to Lemongrass so you don't want to add too much or it will overpower your citrus.  We're not sure what it is about Litsea Cubeba, but even blending in just a small amount seems to add staying power.

3.  Add some cornstarch!  We have yet to try this method, but apparently cornstarch works very much like a clay in that it is absorbent.  Mix your essential oil with some cornstarch so that you have a thin paste, and then add this to your soap at trace.  Cornstarch is a less expensive alternative to clay, but you also don't get the same same benefits of a clay either.

Do you have some other great ideas for anchoring citrus essential oils?  If so, please share them with us!


Have a great day, and happy soaping!