Here's the "scoop" on some new products April 10 2016, 0 Comments

We've brought in some really cute wooden scoops to add some pizzazz to your packaging of bath salts, fairy dust and other scoopable products.  

Olivem 300 is an ester derived from Olive Oil.  It is water soluble and a great addition to skin care and hair care products.  Our favourite blogger Susan (Swift Crafty Monkey) has some great information on this product which you find here.

Cera Bellina is a hydrophilic derivative of beeswax.  It's solubility and safety are similar to beeswax, and it's suitable for sensitive skin.  It's know for it ability to impart a smooth, satin-like feeling on the skin, and it can be used an emulsion stabilizer.  It works wonderfully in lip balms and solid lotion bars.  

We now have another size of shallow metal tins.  In addition to the 1oz and 2oz sizes, we have now added a shallow 4oz size.  If 4oz is the size you'd like but you'd prefer a deeper tin, we have that too.  Check out our 4oz deep metal tin.

Next week we will adding a couple of new lip balm flavours just in time for spring markets!